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It has been an interesting month here at Stable Hands! It took a lot of creativity, hard work

and education to evolve to the point of re-opening the Stable Hands Program. The team considered every option to make sure the Summer session got off to a safe and healthy start.

With the help of our Dynamic duo, Program manager Lee Ann, and Volunteer Coordinator Kay Dye, a date was set, supplies gathered and staff and volunteers were updated and trained by June 1st just in time for the Summer Session. Our faithful instructors Yvonne, Erin and Lauren with the help of Kealia worked throughout the shutdown to keep the horses healthy and in great shape to be ready for action when the Siskiyou county conditions were lifted. Our fearless leader Marcia kept the "herd" in tact with optimistic faith, bringing updates & ideas, acquiring knowledge from PATH International and staying current with the County requirements and recommendations, all while continuing her amazing drive to seek funding, grants and sustainability for our program! You can rest assured that you have been in good hands with Stable Hands!

What a Team!

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