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Meet the 2021 Stable Hands HERD...

  All of our therapeutic friends are trained and conditioned to serve riders in a safe environment that is beneficial to both horse and rider.  The care, nutrition and safety of the horses is a top priority to keep them happy and healthy in the Stable Hands Program.

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with the Stable Hand horses when you can't be with them in person.

Let the horses review some basic Horse & Riding Information.  Then test yourself with the downloadable worksheets.

A Workbook created by Stable Hands for Kids to learn about Horsemanship


Gus joined the Stable Hands Program in 2020. This Quarter Horse Gelding is a Gruella and stands around 15 hands tall.  He loves the herd and is learning how to partner with our participants.  
A senior gelding who has been with Stable Hands since 2004.  He is a Palomino Quarter Horse who is gentle and trustworthy with independent riders.  At 14.2 hands, he is quite a confidence builder.


Toby is a Halflinger Gelding from Kidder Creek Camp and stands around 14 Hands. He is calm and sure footed making him a favorite for our sidewalking volunteers.


A 22 year old Sorrel Appaloosa Mare who joined Stable Hands in 2013. She is 15 Hands and engages with riders in all activities with a sweet, gentle and tolerant disposition. Missy has helped beginning riders gain independent riding skills, as well as helping independent riders advance.


This guy is not so little and is about 15.3 hands tall.  He is a Paint Gelding who has been with Stable Hands since 2017. Little Horse is well trained in natural horsemanship and is respectful and kind to our participants.

Little Horse

Pandaris is a 16 year old Belgian Draft Cross gelding who joined the program in 2015. He is a gentle giant at 16 Hands. Pandaris is  patient and his calm demeanor is soothing to riders.  He is also a great parade horse!


Shaddai is a big Paint Gelding who is great with independent riders as well as beginners. He is 15.3 Hands high and has been with the program since 2017.


Stable Hands welcomed Banjo to the Stable Hands program in 2021. Our newest herd member, this sorrel Gelding is 19 years old and is a perfect 14.2 Hands. Banjo is a nice easy going horse that is already very loved by our staff & participants.