We had a wonderful Gala Event July 13, 2019. The video of the PowerPoint presentation captures the essence of the past year. Thank you one and all for your awesome support of Stable Hands.

Having a fun learning experience at Carter Meadows
A Veterans’ outing for Horses helping Heroes Riders

THANK YOU to Pat Hampton Hayes (in memory of Mickey Hayes), Gretta Brown, Kealia Akana and family, Janice Rushton, Lauren Sweezey, Yvonne Wylie, Erin McKee Fowle, Marcia Cushman-Perkins, and Bill Avery for making this event a reality!

More pictures on the HhH page. Click here.

“I Know a Place”


know a place that changes lives
Hands them the reins and freedom to fly
Riding atop gentle giants
Who care nothing more than to please their clients
Everyone leaves with a smile and warm heart
Horses fix things that have fallen apart
No matter how broken a person may be
Stable Hands has the power to set them all free

Written by Marie Potter and Meg Johnson[clear